Martin Frey


Shoes with integrated guidance system

Nominee of the digital sparks award 2006

CabBoots - Schuhe mit integriertem Leitsystem

CabBoots - Schuhe mit integriertem Leitsystem

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:::Starting point:::
Navigation systems communicate with the user in an acoustical or visual way. CabBoots try to interact more intuitively: They make use of the kinesthetic cognition of the foot, which is known as a simple principle, that was already learned with walking:

:::"Walking on a Path":::
Walking along a trail, the feet touch the ground planar just in the middle of the path due to the concave shaped surface. The concavity at the border of the trail generates a small angle at the foot, if one foot is near the edge. This angle is sensed by walking; you countersteer intuitively - so you can walk along a path blindly...

:::Virtual Topography:::
Electromechanic parts in the sole of the shoes are able to generate the angle of the shoe as well of the feet artificially. The artificial slope is not distinguishable from a real one. Individual and virtual trails can be communicated by the shoe. Tests with the prototype demonstrate that the principle of "walking on a path" also works with the virtually produced topography.

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Germany, 2005


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Martin Frey, Jan 16, 2006