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Leonardo's Laptop

Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies

Ben Shneiderman on November 3th 2005 in Bremen

Ben Shneiderman on November 3th 2005 in Bremen

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Shneiderman presents his book „Leonardo’s Laptop - Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies“ (2002). It’s central motto is „The old computing is about what computers can do; the new computing is about what people can do“. It’s first goal is: „Make computer usage less frustrating.“ Shneiderman describes the basic features of human needs for activities: „1. Collect: Information, 2. Relate: Communication, 3. Create: Innovation and 4. Donate: Dissemination.“ Afterwards he gives a sketch of human needs for relationships: „1. Self: working on your own, 2. Family & Friends: 20-50 close intimates, 3. Colleagues & Neighors: 50-5000 acquaintances and 4. Citizens & Markets: 5000 and more.“ On the base of this theory he develops requirements for future directions of computing: e-Learning, e-Business, e-Health and e-Government. Shneiderman calls Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) an inspirational muse for his research, because he „combined: science & art, integrated: engeneering & esthetics, balanced: technology advances & human values, merged: visionary & practical.“

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World Usability Day - Making It Easy TZI, Technologie-Zentrum Informatik, Bremen


Hilton Hotel, Bremen, Germany




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