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Jam-O-Drum / CircleMaze

A multi-user interactive musical game


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CircleMaze is a multi-player interactive musical game that encourages team building and collaboration on the Jam-O-Drum controller device. By combining novel input devices with real-time computer graphics on an integrated tabletop surface, CircleMaze brings together a group of people to participate in a synergetic musical game. Each player station has a turntable input device that is used to control visual and aural elements of the game.

Our primary goal for CircleMaze was to design a game that encouraged communication and collaboration among its players. The task for the players is to guide all of the game’s pieces to the middle of the maze. Because the maze is divided into concentric rings, the pieces must pass through each ring in turn; thus, all the players must work together to achieve this goal. Movement of the pieces and rings produces changes in the musical score – as each player turns their ring, they affect the graphics and alter their sonic contribution to the ensemble. CircleMaze participants are immersed in a goal-oriented game in addition to a collaborative music-making experience.

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United States, 1998-1999

Partners / Sponsors

Preliminary research was financed by Interval Research in Palo Alto, CA. Subsequent prototypes and research have been supported by Carnegie Mellon University. Complete financial data is not available.
Interval Research (Palo Alto, CA), Zeum Youth Art & Technology Center (San Francisco, CA), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), & Brand Experience Lab (New York,NY).


Die Forschung an Jam-O-Drum begann ursprünglich im Jahr 1998 am Interval Research in Palo Alto, CA mit einem Team von 10 Mitarbeitern unter der Leitung von Tina Blaine. Die nachfolgende Forschung wurde am Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center mit verschiedenen Teams von 4-5 Studenten im Zeitraum von 2000 bis heute durchgeführt.
Die ursprüngliche Implementierung von CircleMaze wurde während eines ETC masters project course entwickelt, bei dem die Studenten Clifton Forlines, Ian McCullough, Donald Antonini, Ning Hu, and Randy Hsiao beteiligt waren.
Weitere Studenten am Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center haben darüber hinaus am Jam-O-Drum Projekt mitgearbeitet: Kevin AuYoung, Christopher Cummings, Philo Chua, Dennis Cosgrove, Rebecca Crivella, Shawn Lawson, Moshe Mahler, Scott Nestel and Wil Paredes.


, Jun 3, 2004