Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Vectorial Elevation

Designing the illuniation of a public space via internet.


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Vectorial Elevation is an interactive light sculpture that allowed Internet users from all over the world to change the illumination of the sky above the Zocalo, the largest square in the centre of Mexico City, at the turn of the millennium. Eighteen searchlights that had been specially installed for this purpose around the square were moved using a 3-D Java interface created on the website. The participants were therefore able to create a vectorial light design over a model of the centre of Mexico City, and send this to the server. The server then placed the entry in a queue. Every six seconds, a new proposal was actioned. This meant that the participants were able to play a part in shaping the visual appearance of real space from their data space. Three webcams fed images back to the Internet. These, just like the searchlights, were then used in a manner quite opposite to their normal monitoring function, and were used to facilitate the interaction of the participants in the city. Each of the participants then received his own archive page complete with images commemorating the implementation of his design.

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Mexico, 1999-2000


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, Sep 21, 2001