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Boundary Functions

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In the installation "Boundary Functions" a dynamic diagram is created around viewers standing on a large platform. The diagram is realized as a set of lines projected from overhead onto a floor dividing the personal space of each viewer from every other. The space within a delineated region is always closer to the person inside than to any other. As people move on the floor below, join or leave the platform, this diagram dynamically changes, always describing the personal space of each person. The viewers are made to realize that they only have personal space when other people are around them, and that, more generally, reality is a mutual, rather than individual, construction. Structures analogous to these diagrams occur spontaneously throughout nature, such as in the formation of bubbles, the influence of stars on matter, the settlement patterns of animals and the cells of our own bodies.

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United States, 1998




The experience of this personal space dynamically displayed by computational improvisation, highlights that personal space is defined only by our relation to others, and chances without our control. Thus, we realize that, like many aspects of our supposed individuality, our personal space is entirely constructed by the social environment around us. The medium of the artwork is predominantly in the engineering of the dynamic reactive experience through principles of computation.
(Scott Snibbe)


, Mar 1, 2004



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