Olaf Breidbach

Internal representations - internal worlds and the perception of objects

Vortrag im Rahmen der Konferenz "Frames of Viewing"

Olaf Breidbach

Olaf Breidbach




Following the concept of internal representation, signal processing in a neuronal system has to be evaluated exclusively on the basis of internal system characteristics. Thus, this approach omits the external observer as a control function for sensory integration. Instead the configuration of the system and its computational performance are the effect of endogenous factors. Such self-referential operation is due to a strictly local computation in a network. Thereby, computations follow a set of rules that
constitute the emergent behaviour of the system. Because these rules can be demonstrated to correspond to a 'logic' intrinsic to the system, it can be shown that pictorial representation follows those rules that are essential for any neurosemantic.

It is possible to describe perception not just as a representation of something that is already known, but as an active process in which a frame of viewing developed out of subject intrinsic dispositions. Thus, an alternative to the idea of an expert system is found. Such expert system can be shown to reflect a cabbalistic tradition that was outdated already in the discussions on anthropology at the end of 18th century, but which nevertheless persisted in library systems and the ordering schemes of scientific collections.

This presentation will sketch the basic ideas of neuronal aesthetics, showing how far aesthetics can be based on neuroscience and describing how far neuroscience itself is based on certain aesthetic assumptions not reflected in that science.

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